Masalas and More......😋😋

Masalas and More......😋😋

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Shikanji Squash

Size: 400 gram

Product details

Introducing our refreshing and delightful Shikanji Squash! 🍹

🌟 Quench your thirst with the alluring blend of traditional Indian spices and tangy lemon in our Shikanji Squash. Infused with natural flavors, this drink is the perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy a rejuvenating beverage.

🌿 Made with care and precision, our Shikanji Squash captures the essence of the classic Indian street drink. The aromatic combination of zesty lemon, fragrant cumin, refreshing mint, and a hint of black salt creates a truly invigorating experience for your taste buds.

🍋 Savor the bright and citrusy flavors of luscious lemon that instantly refreshes and revitalizes. The tangy burst of this traditional lemonade will transport you to the lively streets of India, where Shikanji is a beloved beverage enjoyed by all.

💫 Our Shikanji Squash is incredibly versatile - enjoy it as a thirst-quenching drink on a hot summer day, or mix it with sparkling water for a fizzy twist. You can also get creative and experiment with mocktails and cocktails by adding this flavorful squash as a base ingredient.

🥤 With its authentic taste and premium quality, our Shikan

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