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Sandee Food Products Pvt Ltd


Ever wondered that the taste you used to get in Diwali Sweets is missing now a days. That is because the raw material is not the same anymore. Milk and other raw materials are in the same limited supply and demand is high during Diwali and quantity of most materials are increased using adultration. For example a good quality Besan costs anywhere around 100-120 rupees per kg and you get 1 kg patisa in around 300 rupees that includes tax, marketing, packaging, transport and dealer commission. Even we cosider the large quantity number sont add up. Also people who are making in factory in bulk will not be taking that kind of care in preparation. We as a human already reeling under various kind of pollutions at least save ourself from this. Our hand made home made offerings are not only pure but taste awesome, just like your Dadi Nani used to make. Give your loved one the greatest wealth this Diwali. Gift of tasty health. Hampers that are beautiful inside as well.

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