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An incident can change the course of destiny. Yes, it did in my case. I was living and loving my life in Mumbai as part time artist and full time soldiers houswife. Then one day I came across news of MSG level in Maggi. Frankly, before this incident, I was not aware of what these chemicals are and what they can do to your body. As I delved deeper and found that preservatives are added in all the Ready to eat meal and despite they are having a bad effect on the body it is permissible to some quantity.

But who is measuring quantity in mass production? It is understood that they always take a little sample out of a big batch and test it.

We as a consumer are playing for chances. Some of these chemicals are even carcinogenic. No wonder when you fell ill you are more likely not cured easily by medicines because these chemical makes you weak inside. I was shocked and despaired.

But there was nothing I could do. But I tried to search for the answers and found my answers not in any advanced technologies but in ancient wisdom. I came across various startling facts about how our elders used different practical and preservative free methods to extend shelf life. It became interesting and I started learning all this knowledge from various parts of the country. These methods are natural but it takes too much time in the procedure.

In today’s busy life nobody can do it regularly in home. Even doing this is very difficult when you are living in an apartment.

 I decided to provide food prepared using these methods to people. But when you start off any business you do not have much of the volume. Order size and frequency is unpredictable and despite their health benefit natural methods can only extend shelf life to a very little duration.

 I have to start with a product that has the longest natural shelf life. And pickle was an obvious choice. We started off with the pickle and got an amazing response. Our sales shoot up 3 fold in the first year itself. We incorporated an OPC and got the certification from Start Up India also. The business was brisk and we won a couple of pitching contests also.

At Sandee Foods we understand the emotional connect of Indian traditional food. We are always there to satiate your tastebuds.


Sandee Foods
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